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Our Policies

Most residential customers are billed quarterly at the beginning of the quarter. Commercial accounts are monthly. All accounts are payable upon receipt as stated on the invoice or post card. If the account is not paid by the end of the billing month you will receive a reminder card, after which your service will be suspended until the account is paid in full. A return cart fee will be assessed to return a pulled cart and restart suspended service.
Unpaid charges of a certain age are automatically referred to the Credit Bureau for collection. We offer online payment options as well as auto payments.
The customer is responsible for the full quarter charge unless Thompson Sanitation has received a phone call or letter cancelling the service.
If you will be out of town or do not have trash to put out you may receive a credit on your account for that week or weeks if you call the office the week before. For an extended absence, just call the office to suspend your service until you return.
Extra Trash:
We are happy to pick up your occasional extra trash. Extra will be assessed $2 per 30 gal. bag, with furniture or other miscellaneous items priced on an individual basis. Small charges may be added to your bill. Larger amounts must be paid at pickup. Call the office to set up pickup.